Lee Wilson is a technical writer, graphic designer, and consultant working in the areas of universal design, disability access, DDA, disability evacuation, risk and compliance. Lee is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Lee Wilson portrait photo, seated, wearing a suite, looking at cameraHe is an Accredited Member of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia and has been involved in major projects Australia wide and overseas. Lee consults on accessibility and universal design issues internationally.

Early in 2018, Lee was appointed as one of only three volunteer Subject Matter Experts in disability access with the Australian Building Codes Board.

With qualifications in building surveying, security risk management, construction management, and the post-graduate fire engineering Graduate Certificate in Performance-Based Building and Fire Codes, he has an extensive knowledge of building technology and accessibility. This broad experience and knowledge allow him to develop ‘alternative solutions’ or ‘performance solutions’ as part of a certified building design.

Furthermore, Lee is an advocate for dignified and equitable access into and throughout commercial buildings, whether they are workplaces, sports venues, public transport infrastructure, educational or accommodation. For some time, Lee has been campaigning for an equitable approach to emergency management planning, to make sure everyone is safe inside buildings and able to evacuate in an emergency.


Lee Wilson C.Build E MCABE, PEng (UK) MPSE, MWOBO, is a member of a number of international and Australian professional bodies.

  • Accredited Member, Association of Consultants in Access, Australia Inc.
  • Member of the Centre for Universal Design Australia
  • Chartered Member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (MCABE C.Build E)
  • Member of World Organisation of Building Officials (MWOBO)
  • Member of the Society of Professional Engineers (PEng (UK) MSPE)
  • Member of Standards Australia ME-064-02 Committee
  • Registered Plumbing Industry Commission Practitioner
  • Past Member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
  • Past Member of Australian Institute of Project Management (MAIPM)

Freelance Technical Writing and Journalism

Lee Wilson is an active contributor to various trade journals, publications and a writer for Sourceable.net. You can read more about his work on his personal website.

Speaking Engagements

Lee is available to present, train, or consult on accessibility issues.

Lee Wilson presenting to Australian Network on Disability and various organisation in February 2016

Please also contact Lee if you have any opportunities for sessional lecturing or guest lecturing in any building discipline undergraduate or post-graduate courses, as there is a great need to educate new building and architectural professionals on access and inclusion.


Evacuation of People with Disability & Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings & Efficient Evacuations

In 2014 Lee released a guidebook on the topic –  “Evacuation of People with Disability & Emergent Limitations: Considerations for Safer Buildings & Efficient Evacuations”. This has since been updated and released as edition 2 in 2016.

The Guide contains over 180 pages,  which includes useful information with considerations for all building occupants, including people with disability. The Guide includes templates for personal and group emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs and GEEPS).

Evacuation Guide for People with Disability Book Cover in 3D viewWhilst undertaking the research to prepare the Guide it became evident that:

  • Building owners, building managers and employers need to take a holistic and pro-active approach in ensuring they have met the needs of all building occupants and have plans in place for evacuation of their building; and
  • A significant proportion of people entering these buildings could be exposing themselves to an unacceptable risk every time they enter – unless their needs have been considered and the necessary plans for their safe evacuation are in place.

The guidebook is a free PDF download.

Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign

In 2015, he presented a White Paper titled ‘Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign‘ at the Association of Consultants in Access Australia National Conference & Trade Expo with the theme ‘Universal Design: A Better Way’.

This same presentation was made at the 2016 Universal Design Conference in Sydney, Australia.

Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign Cover Artwork

The Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign concept presents a case to support the use of these signs in all buildings, which can provide a safer built environment.

The White Paper is a free download and is available in some alternate accessible formats.

A video is also available that discusses the paper.