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LumiLab™ is a dedicated testing facility, specialising in luminance contrast and testing of Light Reflectance Values (also referred to as Luminous / Luminance Reflectance Values) or LRVs for short. Call LumiLab on 1300 1428-4-1 or visit the website at lumilab.com.au

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LumiLab™ is an Accredited Access Consultant’s firm, created to take the confusion and difficulty out of arranging affordable LRV and luminance contrast testing of building elements and tactile indicators.

Specialist Access Consultants with experience, knowledge and industry know-how to assist clients cut through the confusion of luminance contrast requirements in buildings and public spaces.

The Appendices to AS 1428.1 and AS 1428.4.1 state that LRVs should be determined using a tristimulus colorimeter with d/o geometry, or spectrophotometer with d/o geometry, with CIE Standard Illuminant D65. However, there is no such spectrophotometer with a d/o geometry, and many companies are testing with non-compliant equipment.

Therefore, LumiLab™ uses compliant equipment, that meets the instrumentation requirements of AS 1428.1, Clause B3.2 and AS/NZS 1428.4.1, Clause E3.2.

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