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MAA Access Consultants is a consultancy specialising in access for people with disability. MAA is part of the Egress Group and adopts an exciting new approach to access auditing in Australia. Call MAA on 1300 750 941 or visit the website at

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MAA applies industry best practice, risk management principals and advanced project management skills to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. MAA includes our trading names MAA Access Consultants and Melbourne Access Audits and our brand Melbourne Access Consultants™.

Access Consulting Experience

Our areas of expertise include onsite access audits, access appraisals, desktop reviews, professional opinions, peer reviews, feasibility reports and general access advice during building works. We have years of experience auditing buildings and can tailor our audit programs to meet your needs. We can help identify non-compliances and risks, and recommend strategies to mitigate or remedy any issues identified.

Not only do we have expertise in the area of accessibility, but we draw upon building surveying, risk management, construction management and project management qualifications and skills.

We work with our clients to identify project requirements, confirm scope and adopt a consultative approach to ensure the project objectives are met, whether it is a desktop review of a building design or a major Council audit program across a municipality.

We believe that communication with stakeholders, regular update reports and seeking feedback during a program are critical to the successful delivery of any project.

Universal Design and Best Practice

MAA helps to deliver great access solutions that work. Sometimes this might include using industry best-practices, overseas references and innovation with the use of performance-based solutions (or Alternative Solutions, also known as Performance Solutions) to achieve a practical solution.

Now there is an alternative to other access consultancies delivering the same old product. MAA is flexible, performance-driven and committed to our clientele. We have the necessary skills as Disability Access Consultants to consult in the area of accessibility, universal design and the Disability Discrimination Act (or DDA) – BUT, we also have the skills, experience and qualifications that make MAA stand out from competitors. To all our future clients reading this web page, please give us an opportunity to deliver on our promises.

Other Services

MAA can provide access consulting in the following areas, or visit the website at to learn more.

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